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Friday, August 26th, 2016

gmx online chat kostenlos Today I’ve released an update of how to change facebook timeline to single column with a vastly improved statistics section. It was available for some time in the beta channel, but now it is released for everyone. You can view now most of the charts which are available in the desktop version and the statistic section is now also optimized for 7 and 10 inch tablets. The app is now also localized to Italian and the text selection overlay toolbar works better. Photos taken from within Diving Log are now also added to the Android Gallery app.

Charts on Phone

chat online gratis mundial Charts on Phone

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Chart Years on 7" Tablet

kostenlos online spielen mit chat Chart Years on 7″ Tablet

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Chart Depth on 7" Tablet

facebook relationship status change to single Chart Depth on 7″ Tablet

Statistics & Charts on 10" Tablet

chat online gratis y rapido Statistics & Charts on 10″ Tablet

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

chat online gratis y facil A new update for Diving Log 6.0 is now available, which contains the following features and fixes:

  • Time zone adjustment
  • Dive count in statistics
  • OSTC Settings
  • Equipment revision warning disabled for inactive equipment
  • Keyboard navigation in details list
  • Petrel 2 download support
  • Libdivecomputer update
  • Bug fixes

evangelische partnersuche kostenlos test how to make facebook with single name single mother group facebook Time zone adjustment

facebook find singles in your area If the dive computer time was wrong and you only noticed after downloading the dives, you can now easily adjust the entry time and date for any number of dives with a few clicks. Select all dives which you want to modify and click on “Date & Time”. You can add or subtract any number of days, hours and minutes:

Date & Time adjustment

facebook find singles Date & Time adjustment

dating site kostenlos chip gute online dating seiten was gratis dating schweiz youtube Dive count in statistics

single fb timeline covers I’ve added a dive counter to the general statistics, which is useful if you filter the statistics and want to see how many dives are returned by the custom filter:

Dive count

facebook single name id trick Dive count

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helemaal gratis datingsite OSTC Mk.2, 2N and 2C users can now modify their dive computer settings in Diving Log 6.0. This feature was available in version 5.0, but was missing in version 6.0 up till now. You find this feature in the main window (Tools > OSTC Settings). The color picker has been improved to show only the supported 8 Bit color values and the Custom Functions III are now also available:

OSTC Settings

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Sunday, March 1st, 2015

dating chat rooms for 14 year olds Today I want to show you the new statistics window in Diving Log 6.0. It is using a new chart drawing engine, which has support for mouse, keyboard and touch input methods as well as animations. The “Copy” and “Save” toolbar buttons will now save also the general statistics as text file in addition to the charts as image file. Here you can see some screenshots:

Chart Years

chat online gratis iphone Chart Years

Chart Temperature

wahrsager chat online kostenlos Chart Temperature

Pie and donut charts

chat online gratis japon Pie and donut charts

Scroll through the chart with the mouse, keyboard or touch

chat online gratis femei Scroll through the chart with the mouse, keyboard or touch

Line Chart

chat online gratis omegle Line Chart

online dating berlin akademiker I’ve also added a new feature to the maps window, to show optionally all dive site labels. That way you can create local dive site overview maps:

Option to show all dive site labels

online dating openers reddit Option to show all dive site labels

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Friday, November 14th, 2014

how to make a facebook single name I’ve published an update for Diving Log Touch to the partnervermittlung edelweiss youtube with the following new features:

  • Spanish Language support
  • Japanese Language support
  • New Chart Open / Closed Circuit
  • Bug fixes and other small improvements

how to create a facebook account with single name Japanese language support will also come soon to Diving Log 5.0 and Diving Log for Windows Phone.

Diving Log Touch in Japanese with new chart

partnersuche china frau heiraten Diving Log Touch in Japanese with new chart

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Monday, September 1st, 2014

dating website for 14 year olds Today you can how to make single name account on facebook by mobile the next update of Diving Log, which contains the follwing changes and improvements:

  • Dive Site Import (Google Earth, GPX, FlySight)
  • Cobalt 2.0 logbook Import support
  • Divesoft Freedom Import
  • Seabear Import
  • Scubase Import improved (more data tables)
  • Divers Book (iOS App) Import
  • Universal Downloader Update
  • New Chart Open / Closed Circuit
  • New Option “ShowAllGasLabels” in the report designer (Profile Properties)
  • Merge dive profile, include surface interval option
  • how to use facebook to search for singles and facebook search for single friends Sync
  • Bug fixes

internet dating for 14 year olds If you have version 5.0.13 installed, you can simply install the facebook search for singles. If you have an older version, I recommend to install the emo dating for 14 year olds instead (you do not need to uninstall the old version before). Here you can see some screenshots of the new features:

OC/CCR Chart

chat online gratis roma OC/CCR Chart

Import dive sites from various sources

single chat schweiz bluewin Import dive sites from various sources

New Google Drive and ownCloud sync

online dating berlin mitte New Google Drive and ownCloud sync

facebook single name via mobile

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

dating site alles gratis Today an update of facebook status about single parents has been released with the following new features:

  • Statistic Charts
  • Dropbox login problem fixed
  • Dutch language pack (many thanks to John H!)
  • SkyDrive rebrand to OneDrive
  • Bug fixes

chat gratis online santiago In the statistics section, you can now swipe to the right to view 12 different charts from the die besten singlebörsen vergleich and welches sind die besten singlebörsen versions right on your phone:

Chart1 Chart2
Chart3 Chart4

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Sunday, May 26th, 2013

how to create single name on facebook via mobile The next update of how to make single name on fb using mobile for Windows 8 and Windows RT includes most of the charts already available in Diving Log 5.0. To view the charts, just scroll to the right in the statistics section. To change the type of the chart, tap on the header title (e.g. “Chart Years”) and a dropdown list appears.

facebook single name trick by mobile Statistics2D

dating site kostenlos online Statistics3D

single parent facebook quotes Statistics4D

facebook quotes single moms

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

dating site kostenlos xp Today you can download a new beta version with some great new features:

  • New filter function for all output windows
  • vCard import for buddy details
  • UDDF 3.x import support
  • HeinrichsWeikamp Frog download support
  • Several bug fixes and other minor improvements

chat online gratis les With the new filter window, you can create filters for any output window (logbook, details data, table editor, dive site map, statistics, printing and exports). Filters allow you to view, export or print only a subset of your logbook data, based on any criteria you want. For example, you can now view the statistics just for one year or just for your rebreather dives. You can export or print only dives where you’ve dived with just one particular buddy. Or you can view in the map window only dive sites, which are deeper than 30 m and with a rating of 5 stars (just an example).

pua online dating opener To create a filter, click the new filter icon you’ll find now in most toolbars:

partnersuche in ungarn youtube Logbook Filter

partnerbörsen für frauen kostenlos kennenlernen Statistics Filter

how to single name facebook Export Filter

how to single name facebook account Then you will see on the right side of the current window the new filter toolbox, where you can add with “AND/OR” any number of criteria for every database field. As soon as you add, edit or delete filters, you can see the results live in the output window.

dating site kostenlos youtube Filter Toolbox

partnerbörsen für frauen kostenlos xp Edit Filter

single chat schweiz quotes To edit a filter row, just double click it or hit the edit button in the toolbar. That way you can easily refine your filter until you get the data you want. You can save your filter to a file and reload it later on. You can also exchange filters between identical database tables, e.g. between statistics, logbook and table window or between dive site details and dive site map.

site dating gratuit romania vCard Import: In the Buddy details you can import now vCard files, which can be created by most contact and email applications and webmail apps:

how to make single name on facebook 2014 vCard Import

single mother facebook statuses online dating like tinder the update beta setup file. This is an update from the current version 5.0.6. If you have an older version than 5.0.6, please beste partnersuche kostenlos leipzig first to 5.0.6 and then install the beta update. Please let me know how you like the new filter function, if it works for you or if you see any crashes or bugs. The filter function integrates deeply into many parts of the application, so I want to make sure I’ve not broken any existing functionality.

single mother facebook status  

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

partnersuche russische frauen mentalität Calculating the correct SAC rate for a dive sounds like a trivial and straightforward task, but if you want to do it right, you quickly get to some hurdles. SAC means “Surface Air Consumption” or for all German readers it’s the AMV = Atemminutenvolumen. The formula is indeed very simple:

partnerbörsen für frauen kostenlos youtube MetricSAC = (TankPressureDiff * TanksizeLiter) / (Divetime * (AvgDepthMeter / 10 + 1))

how to make single name facebook id ImperialSAC = ((TankPressureDiff / WorkingPressure) * TanksizeCuFt) / (Divetime * (AvgDepthMeter / 10 + 1))

single mom fired over facebook post So where is the problem, you think? Well, you have to consider:

  • Is there a dive profile? If so, I can calculate the average depth and dive time from the profile. If not, the average depth must be entered manually. Before calculating the SAC rate, I have to check if all required data is available
  • Metric or Imperial calculation?
  • Double tanks? If so, multiply tank size with 2
  • Now it’s getting complicated: Does the dive have multiple tanks? If not, we can calculate right away and that’s how it worked in the past. But now since Diving Log supports beste chats ohne anmeldung it’s getting a lot more difficult:

single parent facebook covers If a dive has multiple tanks, the only way to calculate a correct SAC rate for the whole dive is by calculating the separate rates for each tank and then the average. So now Diving Log will calculate the dive time and average depth for each tank by running through the dive profile. When completed, it will calculate based on these values the separate SAC rates for each tank and then the average rate for the whole dive. Look at this dive for example (all metric values):

single chat schweiz xbox Profile with multiple tanks

single chat schweiz xenia

partnerbörsen für frauen kostenlos chip You can see the SAC rate for each tank in the tank window

partnersuche seriös kostenlos So SAC rate calculation for dives with multiple tanks works only if a dive profile is available and when each tank is assigned to a part of the profile. Each dive can have up to 10 tanks. In a logbook with 1000 dives, each dive 10 tanks, Diving Log will have to calculate the SAC rate for 10000 tanks when creating the SAC rate chart below. Some dive computers record the profile with a 1 second interval, so you could imagine the amount of required calculations to create this chart:

make facebook single name SAC Chart

partnersuche für mollige preiswert The improved SAC calculation will be available in the next beta.

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

partnersuche russische frauen rumkriegen The statistics window of version 5.0 is almost complete and I want to show you the changes and improvements. Beside some visual refreshments the “General” and “Additional” text statistics has been merged and moved to the top of the list.


partnersuche russische frauen treffen Statistics

chat gratis online panama Some of the text items from the “Additional” panel were removed, because this data is already available as visual chart display, so it would be duplicate data (e.g. the depth range). The water- and entry type as long with the deco and repetive dive statistics will now be displayed as separate charts. To display this kind of data I’ve added 4 new chart types: Pie, Pie 3D, Donut and Donut 3D.

Pie 3D Chart

simple facebook chat for android Pie 3D Chart

Donut 3D Chart

chat für android ohne anmeldung Donut 3D Chart

chat app android ohne anmeldung As you can see in the 2nd screenshot, the copy button has now a drop down menu where you can select the graphic format. The EMF format is best suited for pasting into Microsoft Word, because it is a vector format. The “save as file” function can now save the chart image as JPG, PNG, BMP and EMF.

partnersuche für mollige tipps The scrollable charts can now be zoomed to the full logbook range. If you have 1000 dives in your logbook you can zoom out until you see all dives. If more than 50 dives were displayed, the chart will automatically switch to either a line or an area chart type, because displaying more than 50 bar chart entries would cause bad performance. For the same reason the x-axis and the vertical grid lines will be hidden with more than 50 dives displayed.

SAC values of 175 dives

partnersuche heilbronn yoga SAC values of 175 dives

how to make single name in fb using android Every chart will remember its settings, so you can setup each chart as you want. The “Dive Type” chart will now display the dive types which you can edit in the logbook window (e.g. cave dive, night dive,…)