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free online chat rooms private The next beta will contain another great new feature:  in the new profile editor you can view all profiles and the data in a single window, you can edit every profile value in the data grid or in the graphic view and you can create entire new profiles from scratch by simply drawing them with your mouse. You can also copy and paste parts of the profile or between Excel and Diving Log and you can insert or delete rows.

Click on "Profile Editor" in the logbook window

free private chat rooms india Click on “Profile Editor” in the logbook window

single veranstaltungen mönchengladbach The profile editor window has 3 panes, which are freely resizable. On top is the main profile area where you can manipulate the profile and select parts of it with the mouse. You can insert gas switches from the context menu and in draw mode you can manipulate the profile line directly. To change the profile type, select one of the profiles on the right. The profile data pane on the bottom is synchronized with the visual view on top. Any selection you make in either pane, it will be also visible in the other.

Profile Editor

free skype chat rooms for windows Profile Editor

free skype public chat rooms When you activate the draw mode from the toolbar, you can manipulate the profile line directly with the mouse or you can draw an entire new profile, if none exists. To change the drawing surface range, click the zoom buttons in the toolbar. As you can see in the screenshots below, the “Tank pressure 2” line is not available at first. The left part was entered in the data grid by selecting all cells and entering the value to get a nice straight line. The right part was created with the mouse in the profile pane on top.

Draw new profile with the mouse

free skype chat rooms online Draw new profile with the mouse…

or enter the values in the profile grid

partnervermittlung lord chandos …or enter the values in the profile grid

free public chat rooms for india You can also open 2 or more editor windows at the same time, e.g. to compare profiles from different dives or from your buddy. In the next screenshot you can see how the deco ceiling is created in the profile editor, because it couldn’t be downloaded from the dive computer:

You can edit all selected cells at once

free chat rooms for indian You can edit all selected cells at once

2 editor windows snapped side by side

geschenke zum 40. geburtstag frau zum selber machen Two editor windows snapped side by side

free chat rooms via mobile The profile editor is a really powerful tool if you want to manipulate any dive profile, either because the data is recorded or imported incorrectly or because the data is not available. You can enter for example the compass course, because only few computers can actually record that. And you can finally view all available profiles and the data in a single window.

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