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September 17th, 2017

random chat with strangers in india A new update for free online chatting india now is now available with the following new features:

  • New Tank Pressure 1-3 Combined profile
  • New Tank Pressure (Calculated) Profile
  • Tank Gauge Improvements
  • Tanklist variables in Report Designer (all tanks)
  • Android MTP Sync in Windows Creators Update fixed
  • Ratio Divelogger 4 Import

free indian chatting sites with chat rooms If you don’t have an air-integrated dive computer, you can now view a calculated tank pressure profile, based on your SAC rate and depth profile. The result is surprisingly good (I’ve compared numerous recorded and calculated tank profiles). Below you can see a 70m dive with measured tank profile on top and calculated tank profile on bottom:

free indian chatting and dating sites Measured and calculated tank profile

best chat room app iphone Here you can see another example of a dive with two tanks (sidemount) and several switches between both tanks. The calculated profile is almost identical to the measured profile of the two tanks:

chat with strangers video iphone Calculated tank profile with two tanks

chat with strangers video ipod You can see, even without air integrated dive computer you can now get a detailed tank profile in Diving Log. The tank gauge on the right is also using the calculated profile if no tank sensor data is present.

chat with strangers video call If you are diving with more than one tank pressure sensor, you can now view optionally all 3 tank profiles merged into one graphic:

chat with strangers video ipad 3 Tank profiles in one graphic

chat with strangers video And last but not least you can finally add the data of all tanks in the report designer to your print layouts. The data is provided in the form of several “LogTankList…” variables, which contain each data type (e.g. tank size) of all tanks in form of a list. You can combine them and get a nice table view of all your tanks:

chat with strangers videos All tanks in the report designer

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August 17th, 2017

descargar whatsapp java.jar para samsung chat A new update of Diving Log for Android is now available on top chat room apps for android. It contains the following new features and improvements:

  • New: equipment used for a dive
  • New: dive type selection
  • Signature improvements
  • Dive profile fixes
  • SAC calculation fixes
  • Runtime permissions (Target API 23)

descargar whatsapp java.jar para samsung chat 527 You can now link equipment to dives and select the type of the dive. If you’ve previously added this data in the desktop or iOS version, it will automatically show up in the Android app. You can also edit the dive types list (add, rename and change the order of dive types). The buddy signature supports now also “dots”.

descargar whatsapp java.jar para samsung chat s3350

descargar whatsapp java.jar para samsung chat 335 Equipment, dive type and signature with dot support

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free chat and messaging dating sites Equipment added to a dive

free chat and dating sites

free chat and meet sites Select dive types

free online chat and dating sites

meet new friends free chat rooms Edit dive types

meet new friends chat rooms The new version is using the new Android 6 runtime permissions, which means you don’t have to allow all permissions when installing the app. Instead, Diving Log will ask for specific permissions (e.g. GPS) if you want to use a function that needs that permission.

free chat to meet new friends Available on Google Play

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August 10th, 2017

chat rooms for making new friends A new update for Diving Log 6.0 has been released. It brings the following new features and improvements:

  • Galileo G2 support
  • Google satellite map fix
  • LogTrak import improvements
  • Mares Dive Organizer import fix
  • Excel profile data export fixes
  • Surface interval calculation fix

how to create chat box in php like facebook Jef Driesen from libdivecomputer did a great job and added download support for the Scubapro Galileo G2 via USB. Please note, if you want to download the G2 with Diving Log, you have to download an free chat online in usa and copy the contents to the Diving Log program folder (overwriting the existing files). I cannot deliver this version with the automatic update at the moment, because it breaks the downloader for Atomic Cobalt users.

make chat box like facebook php If you want to support Jef and yahoo chat rooms web messenger, please click the “Donate” button at the bottom of the project page.

chat de videntes gratis online I’ve also fixed the Google Satellite map view in the dive site map window. The LogTrak import is optimized for the G2 data and the Mares Dive Organizer import updated to the latest format. The Surface interval calculation is fixed for inverted dive list ordering.

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May 29th, 2017

pakistani desi chat rooms dude A new maintenance update for Diving Log 6.0 is now available. It fixes some critical issues and includes some minor features:

  • Ratio iX3M Firmware 4.0 Support
  • New Libdivecomputer version
  • Downloader: DiveSystem computer also listed under Ratio
  • Signature “Dot” support
  • Scubase Import improved
  • Fixed a security issue when parsing XML files

online pakistani chat room dude Because of the XML security issue you should update to Diving Log 6.0.9 before opening any XML based files (e.g. UDDF or layout files) from untrusted sources. Those files could contain malicious code that would be executed when reading these files with older Diving Log versions. This issue has been fixed in Diving Log 6.0.9.

pakistani online chat dude rooms The latest libdivecomputer version supports also the Ratio iX3M Firmware 4.0, which was released recently. The buddy signature tool can draw now real “dots” when clicking or tapping.

free singles chat apps Signature with dot

chatrooms to meet new friends The next signature version will have also a higher resolution format to improve the quality of the strokes.

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April 9th, 2017

free nigerian dating websites One year after the initial release of facebook chat for java phones, the latest update has finally reached feature parity with the Windows Phone version. You will find in the latest update the following improvements and new features:

  • Map navigation panel
  • Online dive site search
  • Nitrox, SAC & Unit Calculator
  • Android 7 split screen improvements
  • GPS coordinate capture improvements
  • Bug fixes

free christian dating site in nigeria The map screen has received some significant improvements. You can now activate a navigation panel, which shows you your current position, speed, altitude and course. When you select a dive site flag you can see also the distance, target course, time to target and the ETA (estimated arrival time). This is useful if you’re on a dive boat and want to check how long it will take to arrive the dive spot:

free nigerian sugar mummy dating site

free dating site in nigeria lagos New Map Features

free dating sites in nigerian

facebook chat apps for java phones Navigation Panel

chat box php code The navigation panel is mostly useful for nautical navigation on a boat. To navigate to a dive site on land, just select a dive site flag and tap on the Google route button at the bottom. This will open the Google Maps app and calculate a route to the selected dive site:

live chat roulette app pc

live chat roulette app store Select dive site

cam chat roulette ipad

live chat roulette app Route to dive site

chatroulette cam app You can now also search in the popular chat room apps for iphone database for dive sites which are not stored in your logbook. You can either search by name or around a certain area by tapping into the map. Then you can import any of the dive sites into your own logbook file. And last but not least I’ve added the Nitrox, SAC and unit calculators to the Android app:

free online chat for iphone

online chat app for iphone Dive Site Search

online chat apps for iphone

online chat facebook iphone Calculators

online chat games for iphone Android 7 offers a new split screen function and I’ve improved the compatibility of the Diving Log app for this feature. It should now work just fine in split screen mode on phones and tablets:

online chat für iphone Android 7 Split Screen Mode

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March 16th, 2017

yahoo chat room pakistan dude chat A new update for Diving Log 6.0 has been released with the following new features and improvements:

  • Downloader new computers: Hollis DG02, Aqualung i750TC, Cressi Drake, Sherwood Vision
  • Logbook red cursor line keyboard support
  • Several performance improvements in logbook window
  • Facebook Share profile graphic fixed for High DPI displays
  • Buddy signature full screen support
  • Cochran *.can files import
  • Oceanlog import dive types
  • Equipment & City sort order options

pakistani online chat dude room Red cursor line can be moved with keyboard

free chat and dating online The red cursor line in the profile graphic can now be moved with the arrow keys on your keyboard. The HOME and END keys jump to the start and end of the profile. The arrow keys will snap to each profile point, which is great for analyzing the profile point by point.

free chat meet online The logbook window had also some performance issues in the past which are now fixed, e.g. fast typing (especially comments), fast navigating within the dive list or the profile crosshair. The root of these performance issues was the drop shadow below the ribbon toolbar. Once I’ve removed the shadow effect, the performance issues were finally gone.

free mobile facebook chat messenger The new online virtual chat rooms feature from version 6.0.7 was not working correctly on high DPI screens. This has been fixed in this update as well. Signing dives on touch screens with a pen is now easier, because you can switch the signature window into full screen with the new touch optimized toolbar. This avoids any accidentally taps on other controls.

learn english chat room free And last but not least great news for Cochran users: you can finally import *.can files from Cochran Analyst® into Diving Log!

learn english chat room Signature Toolbar

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March 2nd, 2017

chat luong camera iphone 5s I’ve released an update for free chat around the world on Android with the following new features:

  • Add multiple buddies to dives and trips
  • Less restrictions without in-app purchase
  • Polish Localization
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

chat luong iphone 5 trung quoc You can now add multiple buddies to dives and trips. If you’ve added multiple buddies using the desktop version in the past, they will now show up on your Android device:

chat luong vo iphone 5s

chat luong iphone 5 lock Dive Buddies

chat luong pin iphone 5s

chat luong iphone 5 cu Trip Buddies

danh gia chat luong iphone 5s In the past an in-app purchase was required to edit any data in the Android app. Now you can add and edit up to 10 dives and add/edit all other data (e.g. dive sites) without any limitation. The app supports now Polish localization (many thanks to Maciej) and several bugs were fixed (comments field scrolling issue, dive time picker issue).

chat luong iphone 5s xach tay Available on Google Play

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December 7th, 2016

chat to meet new friends The latest update Diving Log 6.0.7 is now available with the following new features:

  • Share on Facebook
  • Layout Improvements (Group Style, XML Formatting, Empty Layout)
  • online chat with strangers video (Subsurface, Shearwater, SuuntoDM)
  • Filter Improvements (Divetype, BuddyIDs, UsedEquip)
  • Detail Data Sorting (Buddies, Shops, Trips)
  • Cloud Sync Folder Config Button
  • Logbook Profile Graphic export improvements
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

chat sites to meet new friends You can now easily share any dive profile on Facebook directly from Diving Log. Optionally you can add photos and a message to the post, which will appear right on your timeline:

chat to make new friends Share on Facebook

chat apps to make new friends I’ve added a number of improvements to the logbook layout function. You can now change the style of layout groups, which was not possible previously. When you save a layout file, the XML syntax within the *.lay file is now formatted properly, so it is a lot easier to do some editing in a text or xml editor. Sometimes it is easier to do minor changes with a text editor directly in the *.lay file instead of using the layout function. I’ve also added an empty layout which you can use as a starting base to create your own layout, so you don’t have to clear up an existing layout.

chat box html code php Layout group style and empty layout

php code for chat box like facebook Better layout XML formatting

facebook chat box php code During my tests of the layout editor, I’ve created 3 new layouts myself to see how everything works. The layouts are roughly inspired by other applications (Suunto DM, Shearwater Desktop and Subsurface) and can be downloaded from the online chat with strangers in india.

simple chat box php code You can now also save a 64 x 48px image with the same name as the layout file into the layout folder. The image will be used as icon in the layout selection list in the logbook window for your custom layouts.

php chat box source code Shearwater Layout

php jquery chat facebook Subsurface Layout

pakistan chat room in yahoo messenger Suunto DM Layout

black chat line phone numbers In the filter window, you can now apply filters to the dive type and equipment fields more easily by selecting them from a dropdown list. In the Buddy, Shop and Trip window you can change the sort order of the list. In the Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and ownCloud sync dialog you can now configure the sync folder manually, if it isn’t picked automatically. And last but not least you can configure the profile graphic export format.

free chat online for learning english Logbook filter improvements

chat romania pentru copii Detail data sort order

chat romania copii Cloud sync folder configuration

chat romanesc copii Profile graphic export

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November 24th, 2016

omegle chat for ipad There is a new update for the top indian free chat sites available with the following new features:

  • Tablet Optimizations
  • Contact Picker in Buddy List
  • Russian Localization
  • Bug fixes and platform improvements

omegle cam chat for ipad You can now easily import buddies from your Android contacts:

live chat in pakistan lahore free 21

facebook chat application for java mobile I’ve included also some UI improvements for tablets and large phones in landscape mode for the dive list and dive details screens:

7" Tablet with more details in dive list

indian chat rooms online 7″ Tablet with more details in dive list

7" Tablet in landscape mode: just one text row per dive

pakistan urdu maza chat room 7″ Tablet in landscape mode: one text row per dive

7" Tablet: improved dive details landscape view

chat room pakistani 12 all chat 7″ Tablet: improved dive details landscape view

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September 22nd, 2016

how to join into a chatroom using yahoo messenger 11.5 I’ve released a new update for Diving Log 6.0 with the following new features:

  • Divesite map in logbook window
  • Tanklist in logbook window
  • Extended Layout updated
  • top 100 single malt scotch
  • Office 2016 Ribbon theme
  • Downloader improvements
  • Android USB Sync device lookup improved
  • Drag and Drop logbook files to main window
  • Import all waypoints of a GPX file as new dive sites
  • French localization improvements
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

pakistan online chat without registration voice chat with strangers in india Logbook window improvements:

pakistan free chat without registration You can now include the “Tank & Gas” list directly in the logbook window. Additionally you can add a map view to your logbook layout, which automatically shows the dive site of the currently selected dive on a map. I’ve updated the “Extended Layout” which now includes both new items. In the screenshots below you can also see the new Office 2016 theme, which you can select in the top ten single malt scotch.

Tank & Gas List

line chat software for java mobile Tank & Gas List

Dive Site Map

any other chat room like yahoo messenger Dive Site Map

chat rooms for english beginners chat with strangers in india tohla DAN Diver Safety Guardian Upload:

free online voice chat sites You can now upload your dives to the DAN snapchat iphone 5c, for additional decompression risk analysis and statistics. snapchat iphone 5 screenshot.

DAN DSG Upload

how to join a chatroom in yahoo messenger 11 DAN DSG Upload

chat de videncia online chat with indian strangers Other improvements:

free yahoo chat rooms no registration with radio If the Android snapchat iphone 5 filter did not show your connected Android device, please try it again. In this update I’ve improved the device lookup and it should now show up. There are also improvements in the dive computer downloader as well as the latest snapchat iphone 5 effect library. You can now also drag and drop Diving Log logbook files (*.mdb) to the main window to quickly open them.

Sync directly to MTP connected devices

whats a good chat room app for iphone Sync directly to MTP connected devices